What's the size of your kit box and carton box?
EGFR and KRAS kit box: 159*115*53mm (6.3”x4.5”x2.1”)

BRAF and others: 80*60*53mm (3.1”x2.4”x2.0”)

Carton box: 420x340x340mm (16.5”x13.4”x13.4”)
What's the shelf life of your kits?
a. EML4-ALK , HER-2 Fish, HPV, C-Kit and DNA/RNA kits: one year shelf life
b. Other kits (such as EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, JAK2, PIK3CA): 8 months shelf life
How are the kits delivered?
We ship on "blue ice" packed with foam and carton boxes, and use TNT or Fedex for most of our shipping but other carriers may be more suited for specific countries. The customers can also use their own forwarders and choose to pay the shipping fee by collect.
Does the Light Cycler 480 PCR machine require the use of an adapter for PCR strips?
Yes, the adapter is available from your local Roche dealer, or can be ordered from the company Bioplastics.
What does "pre-loaded" mean for the EGFR and KRAS kits?
"Pre-loaded" kits have the buffer, primers, probes, and nucleotides pre-loaded into the PCR strips. The user just adds the sample DNA and Taq enzyme (included in the kit). The EGFR and KRAS kits are also available "in-bulk", which means the user pipettes the reagents into the PCR tubes.
Why do the Ct values of the internal HEX control reactions vary for the same sample?
The HEX/VIC signal is based on amplification of normal human genomic DNA. The purpose of HEX/VIC control is to monitor the addition of DNA (ie, a loading control). Because there may be some competition between the FAM (mutation) and HEX signals, we adjust the amount of probe and primers for the HEX in each well to guarantee the FAM signal´s sensitivity and specificity. Each reaction system for HEX in the different wells is distinctive. This results in different amplification efficiency of HEX amplicons among the sample wells, and thus variant Ct values for wells even with the same amount of sample DNA.
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